Winter Weather

Recently I’ve been going back through pictures taken earlier on in the year, and I think it would be hard to argue that January, February and March are all shit months for taking photos in the UK.

It feels like it is constantly cold, wet, and grey. It is either raining, has just rained or just about to rain. Plus is gets dark at 5, you are coming home from work in the dark, so good luck taking any pictures in daylight.

I ended up editing a 30mph sign out of this photo, as I found it really distracting.

Very occasionally the weather is just right, and the elements combine the perfect mixture of cold, sun and fog. I was lucky enough to get these conditions one Saturday morning, and I knew I had to take full advantage.

I thought high up on Dundry would be perfect. Dundry overlooks South Bristol, and has some great views of the city (though obviously not when it’s foggy).

When I first arrived, there was a band of fog that the sun was trying to pierce through, with a layer of blue sky directly above. I thought at the time I wouldn’t have long before it lifted. Luckily I was wrong and a whole new layer of fog enveloped everything, until it was thick and visibility was 20/30 metres.

Quick little iphone video showing just what the conditions were like
My furry assistant on the day


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