Lamplighter’s Marsh

There is a small nature reserve underneath the M5 in Avonmouth, tucked away between the park & ride and the river. It’s a hidden little gem that is well worth exploring. You have to go under the M5 bridge, and follow a narrow path surrounded by construction materials, which makes it feel even more secret. Not so secret that the always great Bristol Barkers website has a guide.

I visited on Sunday, and here is a small selection of photos, mostly just the banal everyday subjects, but those the the ones I am mostly drawn to. I think there is something interesting in them.

I usually sit on images for ages, before choosing which ones I like enough to post (if at all) but I am trying something different here, these were taken on Sunday, and I’ve given myself this arbitary deadline to sort through, edit and post them as a blog before I have time dawdle or overthink it too much.

That severn estuary mud feels instantly recognisable
This isn’t a graffiti spotting blog, but I see that cnts tag evvveerrryyywhere

I tried to keep the editing relatively minimal, these are raw sony images, with my favourite LUT applied (caph 100), then just a tweak of the white balance, and a boost of the brightness & shadows sliders.

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