Brean Beach

A few photos from a visit to Brean beach earlier in June. It is really relaxed they open up the beach for parking, and you can park all day right there on the beach.

All of these images are shot with my Fuji camera, using the in built black & white simulation. I’ve tried to do as little as possible to them, as I really enjoy the look of the jpegs straight out of the camera.

I’ve added a little bit of brightness here, and a tiny bit of clarity there, as well as cropping them to 4×3 (as I just prefer that slightly squarer format) but apart from that I’ve tried to keep any editing to an absolute minimum.

You can tweak the hightlight/shadow settings in camera, which customises the jpeg even more. I have been playing around with these settings, but I’m not sure I’ve figured out with combination I prefer.

I found I could also affect the final jpeg by overexposing, which gave a softer image, without overly cranked in built contrast. The weather was overcast, which meant I could get away with this, as most scenes didn’t have massive ranges of dynamic range. However on a sunny day, this would be a little risky, as once those highlights have been blown out, they are lost forever.

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